Management and maintenance

The control center at the “Steinhäule Treatment Plant” monitors the inflow and outflow of the treatment plant, the wastewater treatment and the thermal sludge recycling plant. These diverse processes require sophisticated measuring and control technology and a highly complex control system using state-of-the-art fuzzy logic and hybrid control technology. The process control system records and analyzes all data in order to control the treatment plant processes.

A treatment plant must operate without fail 24/7. Longer interruption of oxygen supply would, for example, lead to a highly reduced treatment performance in the biological treatment tanks which would lead to violations of given limits. Putting the treatment plant back into operation would take days or even weeks. The Steinhäule Treatment Plant is thus designed with redundancies for important machines that operate the biological stage. In addition, the maintenance team of engineers, technicians, master technicians and specialists, works day and night to ensure the treatment plant runs smoothly.