Water is our most precious resource.

Millions of liters of water flow through our subterranean sewer system every day: We take baths, cook, wash dishes, clean our houses, water our plants, and in the industry water is used for many production and processing operations.

We take for granted to get pure, clean water from the tap at any time. But what happens with the resulting wastewater, the dirt and the pollutants? What does it take to clean and treat the water until it can be introduced back into the cycle? For many years wastewater treatment has been working behind the scenes, but now public interest has thankfully increased significantly.

Many visitors already take the opportunity to learn more about wastewater treatment by visiting a treatment plant. This brochure from the “Steinhäule Treatment Plant”
explains how the treatment plant works and gives an overview of all the steps involved. The Steinhäule plant has been treating water for more than 60 years. 
Every year the municipalities involved invest millions in the development of wastewater treatment. One more reason to take a closer look because today’s wastewater is tomorrow’s drinking water.

Gunter Czisch
Lord Mayor of the City of Ulm
Association chairman


PER YEAR // m3 around

40 Million

PER YEAR // kWh around

6.1 Mio

STAND 2019


PER YEAR // around

200 t

PER YEAR // around

480 t


Learn more about wastewater through the ages.

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Informations about posibillities of plant tours.

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Interesting facts about the treatment plant.

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